Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oysters and Pearls

I am so happy to share this story with you all and it may make me look a little less crazy when you hear me say or see me write "Oyster and Pearls". Tuesday, March 9, 2010 I officially declared myself an oyster. I am at a place in my life right now that a lot of chaos is taking place. Monday night, my sister Fran was over and we were talking about all of the chaotic things in our lives and I made the statement, "If I were an oyster, as much irritation I have had lately, I would be spitting out a huge pearl any day now". She looked at me kinda funny and said, "God is trying to talk to us! I received a survey email from a friend today and the #2 question was: Diamonds or Pearls? She said of course, I chose pearls because they are my favorite. A friend asked her why did she prefer a pearl over a diamond, since ALL women love diamonds?" Her reply was, "I love pearls because every time I look at them I am reminded how God made such a beautiful jewel out of an irritation in that oysters body." It all made so much sense and what a oddity that we both had experienced this thought on the same day! I felt huge relief and a peace of mind because I felt as a huge burden had been lifted from my mind and soul. I realized even though I have lived with a huge irritation in my life for so many years a beautiful pearl had come from that irritation. This huge Pearl in my heart and in the hearts of all of my family is my granddaughter, Precious. So I go to work the very next day to declare to my friends that I am an oyster and shared with them the story. I now have several official "Oyster Sisters" who all share their own personal irritations in their lives. As an "Oyster Sister" we will share our sorrows and always look for the Pearls to come from our irritations. God will give us our Pearls, we just have to come to Him and ask and then have open eyes through an open heart to receive them.