Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And So Life Goes On......

OMGoodness! It has been ages since I was last here and I still am SMH at lots of the life changing events that have happened during this period of time. My household has changed, my job has changed and I have changed mentally and physically. Some changes have been good, some have been tough and some have been not so great...BUT....Life Goes On.

When I started this blog years ago, it was my hope to post at least once a week and just share, to get up on my soap box and put it out there, to encourage, to bring a smile to a friends face. Then, Life Happened and I found myself most days barely having time to sleep let alone blog and one by one the things I wanted to do for myself and my well-being were put on the shelf to take care of the things that were necessary.

My plate is still as heaped up and running over as ever but I have taken a stand to make a little time for me. I have short list of "Do For Me" things and sharing a blog from time to time is one of them. I look forward to sharing with you all and I encourage you all to make yourselves at home and share and comment as you would like. 

Laugh, Love and Keep on Dreamin'